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Developing Smart Contract on the NEO Blockchain (ep5) - Deploying a NEP-5 Smart Contract (part 2)

This episode 5 of how to start develop Smart Contract on NEO by our CTO, Dominic. Last article was part 1 of starting on a NEP5 smart contract. Dom shared about how to install neo-boa and fixed up a NEP-5 smart-contract to make it our own. We are now at part 2 for compile and deploy. You can see the full series at his Medium account.


Step 1: Compile the contract code

Open up a command prompt type



sudo -i 

Continue on to...

cd neo-boa/ source venv/bin/activate cd ../smart-contract python3.6 

*upon completion you will see* ico_template.avm

Step 2: Import the contract — Using the same Ubuntu prompt:

cd ../neo-python source venv/bin/activate np-prompt -p  

Now that you are in the NEO prompt, open your admin wallet: open wallet testWallet1

import contract ../smart-contract/ico_template.avm "" 0710 05 True False # Fill out the contract details [Contract Name] > nodis [Contract Version] > 1 [Contract Author] > nodis [Contract Email] > nodis [Contract Description] > nodis 

Your contract is now on the blockchain!

Step 3: Deployment

Currently, the tokens are all locked up in the contract. Ultimately, we need to call...


This is a function on the contract to transfer all the tokens to the admin wallet. Our first task is to find the hash of the contract.

contract search

in our case, the script hash is 0x3ffb8a621f461559a90943986bc813b8fcf6ac0a

Now type:

testinvoke  deploy [] 

Input your password when prompted to invoke on the network.

Done! Check out your newfound wealth by typing...


BONUS command:

testinvoke  name []

The value is in hex, we can use an online tool to decipher it. Ours says ‘Nodis Token’.


You can see my profile for a link to join our Telegram to learn more about our project!

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