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Coins disappeared after removing and reinstalling Litecoin Core?

Asking for a friend.

The problem as reported is as follows:

He installed Litecoin core in December 2017 on Windows 10, and bought some litecoins. Recently he has uninstalled the software, but then regretted it and reinstalled two days ago.

When he ran the software after reinstalling it, the wallet had a balance of 0, even after sync.

I suggested that he look for his wallet.dat files in the data directory, which by any account I could find should be %APPDATA%Litecoin. No such folder exists.

Browsing his computer he found the data directory in "D:Litecoin Roam", which is weird to me because I could find no mention online of a directory with this name, and his shortcut for running the software does not specify an alternative directory.

Anyway, it appears this directory was created recently and does not contain the original wallet file with the coins.

He did not keep any backup of the wallet.

So now, obviously, we're looking for help in restoring the coins. Is it likely that the wallet file was deleted in the uninstall? I figured it should remain intact.

Is there other places where we should look for the original data directory?

If the original wallet was indeed deleted, is there sense in submitting the hard drive to a data recovery service?


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